CorTen Steel Planters and Bronze Sculptures – A Marriage made in Heaven.

October 24th, 2016

Here at Passion for Pots  we were delighted to be contacted by Hamish Mackie an amazing and talented sculptor who recognised the quality of our Oklahoma CorTen  steel vase planters which he felt would suitably accessorise his first solo ‘Life in Bronze’ Exhibition in London October 2016.  Our Oklahoma CorTen steel vase planters reflect the raw strength, grace and unique quality of his exhibits.   These vase shape planters are extremely popular and come in a range of sizes (  Check out the photos here.



Planters and Plants

July 17th, 2015

The initial sight of your building from outside will give lasting first impressions to visitors. At Passion for Pots we also provide an exterior landscaping service. Drawing on our many years of experience we will apply our knowledge and expertise to carefully select outdoor plants and planters that are the most suited to your premises, providing lasting and high quality enhancement, interest and beauty to your premises.

Passion for Pots have experience in providing a wide range of live and artificial plants ranging from exterior and interior planters planted with attractive display planting, screen planting to create private areas or barriers to provide a wind block.

We work with everyone, from private individuals to hotels, restaurants, offices, shops and all types of commercial premises. We specialise in artificial roof top gardens and offer a full design and installation service.


Live Topiary – Clipped Yew Balls/Buxus/Bays



Architectural Plants – Fatsia Japonica, Cordyline, Bamboo, Grasses



Artificial Plants – Standard Boxwood Hedging/ Topiary Balls/Bamboo/Spirals/Pyramids



Evergreen Shrubs – Topiary/Fatsia Japonica/Lavender

Oklahoma Premium Vase Planted with Olive Tree

A NEW finish is now available on the popular URBAN range of polyester planters

March 18th, 2015

The splendid new Corten Steel Rust Finish provides a dramatic and stylish look without the traditional carbon run-off and staining usually associated with genuine Corten Steel. It’s durable and rust free and can also be used indoors without any danger of marking when contact is made.

This exciting new finish is available as an option on all Urban commercial grade planters, please contact us for more information.



July 23rd, 2014

1 Lambourn Road had been derelict for two years when it underwent a refurbishment and extension. Granit Chartered Architects Ltd identified an opportunity to add an extra floor and to extend the two-storey rear extension. From the outset it was decided to make the house as energy efficient as possible and to act as a test bed for renewable technology.

The rear two storey extension looks out via a glazed bay onto a contemporary landscaped garden, complete with fish-pond moat. It was here that Passion for Pots were able to supply 7 x Corten Steel Planters which were bespoke and perfect for the setting. Not only is Corten Steel visually appealing but it’s made from an organic metal that weathers naturally so their surface evolves into a stunning patina. This was also used for the water feature which was constructed using a waterproofing process.

The existing flank and new rear walls were insulated externally then rendered; with attention paid to reduce thermal bridging. The existing front façade was restored and thermally upgraded with internal insulation. The existing openings were replaced with double glazed casement windows filled with heat mirror film and new triple glazing system to the rear bay extension.

A very high air tightness was achieved which required the use of a MVHR system, supplying fresh air to main habitable rooms and bathrooms.  A cooling loop runs through the fishponds acting in reverse to pre-cool the air in the summer. Solar heating panels on the front pitch supply pre-heated water to a combined tank and boiler and a rainwater tank, buried in the garden, connected to an automatic irrigation system supplies water to a wild meadow green roof and planted beds. 100% low energy lighting was used throughout

Passion for Pots are proud to  provide a product that fits so well with the ethos of this project.

1 Lambourn Road D1 Lambourn Road B1 Lambourn Road C1 Lambourn Road

Our Urban range just got lighter!

April 24th, 2014

concrete recept

This hotel reception area has been built from concrete using a new advanced manufacturing process where the look and durability of concrete was required but without the heavy weight. Polystyrene [EPS] has been used as a core substrate with a thin outer coating of concrete. The end result is a lightweight but very strong product.  The possibilities are endless as you can see from the image of this hotel reception.

Whilst we’re not in the business of building hotels we can now offer planters produced from the same unique manufacturing process to create a light yet incredibly strong and durable planter. The NEW Urban Lite range are bespoke planters which have all the properties and texture of concrete yet with a massively reduced weight volume.

Planters made from this cutting edge process will be ideal for balcony and upper floors where weight restrictions apply. The NEW Urban Lite range are available as a bespoke option in any size and with a choice of finish in either Light Grey or Dark Grey.

urban lite1urban lite2urban lite3