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Passion for pots offers a bespoke service, where we will be happy to manufacture your choice of planter from an extensive choice of materials. These being steel including galvanised steel, corten steel and aluminium;hard wood including oak and cedar plus fibreglass and recycled plastics.

So whatever the brief talk to us about how we can create unique and eye-catching planters that perfectly enhance the landscape you're working on.

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As well as offering a huge range of planters in a great selection of materials from stock we can now offer a bespoke service where we will manufacture any style of planter from a choice of 4 exciting materials. Choose from Aluminium : light yet strong and beautifully modern; Corten Steel: develops an authentic finish over time and amazingly resistant to the elements; Stainless Steel : bright, contemporary and 100% recyclable; Composite Stone : for deceptively mature looking pots, perfect for an established setting! Click on the Bespoke page to see just a few examples of how these materials have worked on a variety of designs and formats.

Aluminium Planters

Aluminium Benefits

The benefits; When pure Aluminium is mixed with a small amount of another metal it can create a material as strong as steel but with only a third of the weight. Aluminium is 100% recyclable and corrosion resistant. It is lightweight, strong and durable. It is the metal of choice for leading designers, architects and engineers as it combines functionality and value with innovative form and design potential.

Corten Steel Planters Page

Corten Steel

The benefits; Corten steel contains copper, chromium and phosphorous and possesses considerable resistance to corrosion and stress. It's high structural resistance means it has a greater elasticity than Aluminium. It will also hold it's shape over a number of years and have ow maintenance costs. It is 100% recyclable. The "Rust Flush" is created from the natural oxidation process. At the end of a period of time a natural protective patina forms which produces an extraordinary aesthetic effect that lasts for many years.


Stainless Steel

The benefits; Stainless steel is a bright, contemporary material which makes it an obvious choice for modern planters but it is also 100% Recyclable and has a high scrap value. It is corrosion resistant and fire and heat the maintenance and inspection costs of products manufactured from stainless steel are significantly reduced.

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